Land reclamation from war remnants in the port of Barletta

(To Greater Defense)

The Army bomb squad of the 11th sapper engineer regiment of Foggia, in collaboration with the S.D.A.I. unit. (Demining Defense Against Insidious Vehicles) of Taranto, belonging to operating group divers of the "Teseo Tesei" divers and raiders group of the Navy, recovered and detonated an airplane bomb dating back to the Second World War.

The bomb, weighing 100 pounds (about 50 kilograms), had been found during dredging works in the port and required a particular cleanup work carried out in synergy between the Army and Navy soldiers.

The particularly complex activity was coordinated by the BAT prefecture and saw cooperation between all the institutions present in the area. The operations took place in a safe environment and concluded successfully and without causing inconvenience to the citizens. These activities to support the population fall within the institutional competences of the Army and the Navy which manage to operate in favor of the community for the reclamation of the territory from war remnants.