17th Edition of World Rare Disease Day

(To Ministry of Defense)

The Military Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant, a unit of the Defense Industries Agency, has been at the side of all people affected by rare diseases for over twenty years, through the commitment of all personnel, military and civilian, in research, production, distribution and import of the so-called "orphan drugs" and shortages. An activity consolidated by close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

The role of the Military Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant has recently been recognized with the inclusion of its representatives within the National Committee for Rare Diseases (CoNaMr), established pursuant to Law 175/2021 (Consolidated Law on Rare Diseases). The Committee has the functions of directing and coordinating all activities relating to these pathologies, from early diagnosis to therapy, from research to scientific dissemination.

The service provided to "rare" patients is also ensured through the "Orphan Drugs portal" recently created to facilitate access to treatment for thousands of people and improve the methods of obtaining and distributing the required medicines.