ARF Component Commanders' Conference

(To Army Majority State)

The meeting took place at the operational headquarters of NRDC-ITA.ARF Component Commanders' Conference, which saw the participation of all the commanders of the NATO tactical level units which starting from next July 1st will constitute theAllied Reaction Force (ARF).

Army Corps General Lorenzo D'Addario welcomed various NATO representatives to provide them with guidelines regarding the planned activities and receive a situational report on their preparation, with particular attention also to the upcoming NRDC-ITA exercises in his capacity of ARF Headquarters (HQ).

Tale Reaction Force it will have a multinational and multi-domain connotation, therefore offering further options to respond quickly to threats and crises. Starting this year, in fact, NRDC-ITA will face multiple operational challenges, including military exercises, academic studies and staff training, which will culminate in the Steadfast Deterrence next May.

This new role will also strengthen the relationships already established by the NATO Milan command, allowing it to collaborate with new partners and allies to share skills and experiences, consolidating the principles of cohesion and legitimacy. The choice of NRDC-ITA confirms Italy's commitment to the Alliance and to the deterrence and defense of the Euro-Atlantic area.​