The first wargaming demonstration event in Paris

(To Greater Defense)

The first demonstration event on wargaming, called "Wargaming Initiative for NATO 2022 - WIN 22" which was attended by more than 220 players representing 15 Alliance countries.

Launched bilaterally, the initiative has taken on a NATO dimension and connotation, also open to other countries of the Alliance and to some NATO partner bodies and organizations which, with the support of the research world, aims to create, direct and spread the culture of Wargaming military.

Downstream of the intervention of gen. Autellet, French Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, who, in addition to emphasizing the collaboration with Italy, underlined the importance of wargaming as an important analysis tool in support of decision making, the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, gen. Masiello, expressed Italy's desire to use wargaming as an innovative tool to face new challenges and seize the opportunities offered by emerging technologies. In this context, in the wake of continuity, he expressed the intention of the Defense to host the WIN 23 edition in Rome.

In conclusion, the SACT, gen. Lavigne, in appreciating the initiative of the two countries, underlined the importance assigned by NATO to this capability which finds development in the context of the NWCC conceptual development, called "Audacious Wargaming".