NATO: the Commander of the Brunssum JFC visits Finland

(To Greater Defense)

​In recent days, General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta met in Helsinki with the Finnish Defense Minister, Antti Häkkänen, and General Timo Kivinen, commander of the Finnish defense forces.

The visit is part of the consolidation of the already strong bond between the Finnish armed forces and the Brunssum headquarters, confirming the important role that the new NATO member country plays in the context of the Alliance's "Core Tasks".

During the visit, the significant progress achieved in terms of interoperability and in the field of military coordination with other Allies was highlighted, as well as wide-ranging issues relating to the security of Central-Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea.

Precisely in this geographical area the Brunssum Joint Force Command plays a key role, as responsible for the development of the related defense plans of the Alliance.

In this regard, General Miglietta, referring to the instability and delicate balances that characterize the current international geopolitical scenario, underlined the fundamental role of a united and vigilant Alliance, capable of exercising effective deterrence against threats to collective security.

In this context, as commander of the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum which exercises command and control over the NATO units deployed in its area of ​​responsibility, which extends from Norway to Hungary, General Miglietta expressed words of appreciation for the Finland, for the notable military capabilities expressed in particular Arctic operational context, and for the firm commitment to support the principles of NATO, stating: "I am confident that Finland's integration into the Atlantic Alliance not only represents an improvement in our collective defense capabilities, but also serves as a source of inspiration and model of solidarity, in an international context characterized by uncertainty. The values ​​shared by Member States, the firm commitment to peace and the determination to defend our Nations represent the cornerstone of a solid and lasting Alliance".

General Miglietta then had the opportunity to attend the international naval exercise "Freezing Winds 23", which involved over 4.000 soldiers from numerous allied countries as well as units of the Swedish Navy. The exercise, conducted in the Baltic Sea archipelago between Finland and Sweden, demonstrated the high readiness of the units involved and the ability of the various naval, land and air components to work synergistically in a context characterized by critical environmental conditions.

General Kivinen underlined the importance of military preparation and training, confirming the particular attention that his armed forces attach to it. Furthermore, in thanking NATO for the support guaranteed during the accession process to the Alliance and during the delicate subsequent phases, he also expressed great satisfaction for the excellent work of coordination and integration of national defense plans in the context of deterrence and defense of the Euro-Atlantic Area.