NATO showcases new capabilities in planning with Wargaming Initiative 2023

(To Greater Defense)

It concluded today in Rome at Palazzo Salviati, headquarters of the Center for High Defense Studies, the second edition of Wargaming Initiative for NATO – WIN 23.

The theme of the event organized byAllied Command Transformation (ACT) of NATO, in collaboration with the Defense General Staff, is “Understanding better and deciding faster by harnessing the power and potential of wargaming” (understand better and decide faster, exploiting the power and potential of wargaming).

This year's edition includes a few study sessions on the development of simulations to enhance the strategic advantage of the Alliance, as well as their use to develop decision-making in an era where decision-making processes are accelerated.

WIN 2023 therefore aims to achieve an advantage for NATO by strengthening analytical rigor at all levels of the decision-making process and by offering the opportunity to explore threats in a "safe to fail" environment, i.e. in the absence of real risks, which you consider all factors that can affect operations within the five domains (land, sea, sky, space and cyber) and in the cognitive environment.

More than 300 people from Alliance countries, NATO command staff, academia and industry participate in this edition.

For the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, Army Corps General Carmine Masiello, the initiative allows military leaders to practice considering the effects of the "new" domains, space and cyber, and of changed external conditions, such as changes climate, on operations.

La Wargaming Initiative for NATO began in 2022 as a bilateral initiative between France and Italy, supported by the Allied Supreme Command for Transformation. It has since evolved into an annual event, which is being planned for 2024 and 2025 editions.