The senior delegate of the ICRC, International Committe of Red Cross meets the commander of the IOC

(To Greater Defense)

Today mr. Martin Lacourt, senior delegate of the International Committe of Red Cross (ICRC) visited the Interforze Summit Operational Command (COI).

Upon his arrival, welcomed by the deputy commander, general of the air squad Silvano Frigerio, Lacourt met the commander, general of the army corps Luciano Portolano.

During his visit the senior delegate participated in an in-depth briefing on the activities carried out by the ICRC and the IOC, which was also attended by the department heads and division heads of the IOC.

Referring to the Battle of Solferino of 1859 and the first Geneva Convention of 1864, Lacourt focused his speech on the impartiality, independence and neutrality at the base of the historic humanitarian organization, aimed at protecting and assisting victims involved in armed conflicts. or harassed by other violence.

Also active in Eastern Europe and South America but especially in African countries, the senior delegate he did not keep quiet about the burning and urgent issues that the ICRC is facing, especially in Syria and Iraq.

Attentive to prevention, the humanitarian institution has always shown itself in favor of cooperation with other partners, whose mission is integrated with fluidity and naturalness with its own.

And in line with this are the activities of the IOC, the subject of today's briefing, among which, in addition to the operations and missions in the foreign operational theaters currently underway, the many initiatives still in place to deal with the emergency were mentioned. epidemiological from COVID-19, such as, for example, operations IgeaEos e Minerva.

The visit ended with the usual protocol photo and the delivery of an IOC souvenir object.