The Comsubin in training at the Furbara range

(To Marina Militare)

At the Comsubin the training activities, like the operational ones, take place without interruption, even in contexts that are not strictly maritime: the employee of the Diving School recently organised, at the Furbara Polygon, headquarters of the 17th Incursori wing of the Air Force, a hot shooting activity with the use of explosives and portable weapons, aimed at acquiring basic skills in the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) field, as well as becoming familiar with all the procedures and materials used by the underwater departments of the Navy for the cleanup of an UXO (Unexploded Explosive Ordnance), simulating completely realistic scenarios.

During this period the students, followed by a team of highly qualified instructors, progressively put into practice all the theoretical notions learned during the months of the course at the Varignano headquarters.

Starting from the EOR (Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance) of an ordnance, they then moved on to implement the multiple disuse techniques required by the Navy and NATO regulations.

Furthermore, the neutralization techniques of conventional bombs were addressed, aimed at making the activation devices ineffective, completing the learning of the procedures and knowledge that constitute a fundamental part in the training of divers, who are engaged daily, throughout the territory. national, in the reclamation of new generation explosives or those dating back to the First and Second World Wars, with the main aim of guaranteeing the safety of the community.