NATO ARRC commander rewards Italian personnel

(To Greater Defense)

The commander of theAllied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), Army Corps General Edward Smyth-Osbourne, stationed at Innsworth in Great Britain, has bestowed the COMARRC Commendation on personnel who have particularly distinguished themselves in service.

The ceremony, held yesterday, saw among the winners the lieutenant colonel Flavio Cacopardo, the lieutenant colonel Giancarlo Fambrini and the chief corporal QS Enver Simola of the Italian Army, who are part of fifteen members of the command chosen among the approximately 1200 members of the various entities belonging to the command.

The contingent personnel was particularly distinguished for their participation in the numerous ARRC exercises, for the spirit of initiative and the demonstrated performance.

L'Allied Rapid Reaction Corps UK is a NATO multinational command of army corps level a framework British company established in 1992 in Germany and, since 2010, based in Innsworth (Gloucestershire, UK).

ARRC is deployable across the full spectrum of Alliance operations, has a multinational staff of 20 member countries and is currently in NATO readiness.

The ARRC command is equal to ours NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - ITA of Solbiate Olona (VA).