The Maltese ChoD visits the APR Center of Excellence

(To Greater Defense)

The visit of Brigadier General Clinton J. O'Neill commander of armed forces of Malta to the APR center of excellence (CDE-APR), located in Amendola on the grounds of the 32nd wing of the Air Force, took place in recent weeks.

The authority was received by the chief of staff of the general air team of the air division Andrea Argieri and by Colonel Antonio Vivolo, commander of the 32nd wing, who accompanied the guest to the CDE-APR where they were welcomed by the director of center, Colonel Giuseppe Urbano.

The activity began with a presentation briefing, in which the mission, structure and tasks of the center were illustrated.

The director underlined the importance of the rapid technological evolution of the specific segment in the industrial field and the possible future operational uses. The various simulation systems supplied were also illustrated and the technological laboratory used for research and development activities on remotely piloted aircraft weighing less than 20 kg (Mini/micro class) was shown.

The commander of the 28th APR flight group also participated in the event, giving a briefing on the group's mission.

An Air Force body with a joint force connotation placed under the 3rd department of the Air Force General Staff, the Amendola center of excellence is the single reference point in the joint forces field for APR matters.

Made up of industry experts, it extends its activities from basic training for the piloting of UAV systems in service and the use of their sensors, to the development of the sector through support for the testing of new systems, the development of procedures and validation of concepts related to their use, thus ensuring training and procedural standardization to guarantee maximum interoperability at both an inter-force and inter-agency level.

The 32nd wing is under the command of the combat forces (CFC) of Milan, whose assigned mission is to acquire and maintain the operational readiness of all air defense, attack and reconnaissance bodies, ensuring efficiency operation of weapon systems, vehicles and materials, as well as the training of personnel and the constant updating and optimization of operational procedures, in compliance with the guidelines of the higher authorities.