The NATO Center of Excellence for Simulation and Modeling hosts the NATO Training Group TG IT&ED


the Center of Excellence for Simulation and Modeling of NATO, hosted the visit of NATO Training Group - Task Group on Individual Training and Education Developments (NTG TG IT&ED). Center staff met with 35 members of the NATO Training Group, highlighting current and future projects in support of the Alliance.

In particular, several demonstrations were provided on ongoing M&S projects, including the “Wargaming Interactive Scenario Model” (WISDOM), the project “Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations” (EMSO) and insights on"Artificial Intelligence" (AI/Machine Learning).

During the visit, the participants appreciated the Centre's facilities and related capabilities. Dr. Paul Thurkettle project manager e-Learning of NATO, expressed the gratitude of NATO Training Group for the fact-finding visit and appreciation for the work done by the Center in support of the Alliance. Their task is “ensure professionalism, interoperability and standardization across the Alliance and partners based on the pillars of Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation”.

Colonel Francesco Pacillo, NATO M&S COE director, welcomed the visitors and said: “Your visit is evidence of an active interest from the NATO and national community in individual training in the world of modeling and simulation. Together we can increase the effectiveness of the Alliance through agreement, training and collaboration ."

​The NATO M&S COE is dedicated to promoting M&S in support of operational requirements, training and interoperability.

The center, located at the barracks Adriano DeCicco ​in Cecchignola headquarters of the 6th Defense Staff Department, acts as a catalyst for transformation through the involvement of NATO, governments, universities, industry, operational and training entities, improving the networking of NATO and proprietary M&S systems national, cooperation between nations and organizations through the sharing of M&S information and developments and serves as an international source of expertise for transformation in the related domain.