Defense: the 15th NATO M&S basic course returns to Rome

(To Greater Defense)

NATO M&S COE held the 15th NATO M&S Basic course, a training offer officially approved by NATO. The return to residential mode confirms the considerable interest and importance for the Alliance on the latest trends in Modeling and Simulation.

The course, focused on the activities of Modeling & Simulation in the military field, he covered various topics in the specific field of M&S, including statistics, probability, model development and real cases. Students explored topics such as training support, interoperability, distributed simulation and other fundamental aspects, including decision support.

A group of 26 students from different countries collaborated to grow the increasingly large M&S community. The course saw the commitment of a team of 16 expert instructors in the sector. The instructors wisely integrated in-person and remote presentations, responding to the flexibility required by NATO.

In addition to theoretical lessons, the course included a practical phase with real demonstrations of advanced simulators, such as Joint Theater Level Simulation (JTLS-GO) and the Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3).

Colonel Francesco Pacillo, director of NATO M&S COE, expressed his satisfaction by declaring: “During this course, the students' enthusiasm was tangible, combined with the quality of the lessons and practical sessions of our dedicated instructors. This course is not only an educational path, but also represents an excellent opportunity to nurture the network of the vibrant M&S community of interest and share their experiences".

In 2023, the NATO M&S COE expanded its training offer, organizing the basic course in person twice a year. For further details, visit the NATO M&S COE website and consult the new course catalogue.