COVI: Army and Air Force at Exercise Lampo 21

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Lampo '21 is the name of the activity that in the next few days will see several departments of the Italian Army and the Air Force engaged in an exercise to evacuate compatriots from an area considered to be a crisis.

The activity, planned and coordinated byItalian Joint Force Headquarters (ITA-JFH) of the Operational Command of Vertice Interforze (COVI) will enter its executive phase next Monday and will mainly affect the Piacenza area.
This is a national joint force exercise of type Command Post Exercise / Live Exercise (CPX-LIVEX), designed to train the commands and forces in the field on a specific type of mission that could be the subject of future national, multinational or coalition operations. 

The aim is to test the ability of the Armed Forces to intervene promptly in an emergency context in favor of their compatriots abroad, with the use of the land and air component.

Among the assets of the Italian Army that will take part in the exercise, the regimental lagoons Serene of Mestre, the engineers of the 2nd rgt pontieri of Piacenza, staff of the Army Simulation and Validation Center of Civitavecchia and of the 41st rgt IMINT Cordenons of Sora.

Air Force aircraft will take off from Pratica di Mare and Fiumicino to reach the airports of Ghedi and Montichiari under the coordination of Joint Movement Coordination Center of COVI.