Joint course for antidrone operators

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the 2nd qualification course for Counter Mini / Micro Remotely Piloted Aircraft operators (CM / M APR) at joint level, organized and led by Center of Excellence of Sabaudia in favor of military personnel from various bodies and defense departments.

The training activities, in compliance with the measures for the containment of CoViD-19, were planned in two distinct phases for a total duration of two weeks. The first, theoretical, essentially based on lessons in videoconference mode, concerned the use of systems at the doctrinal level, the study of the threat, of technical-tactical procedures and of the various types of contrast systems. The second phase, practical and in presence, was oriented to the use of the systems currently supplied to the Armed Forces, with various simulations of possible operational scenarios.

The purpose of the course, aimed at personnel of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Carabinieri, is to increase the technical-professional preparation of the attendees for a better understanding of the complex processes of deployment of a system antidrone in warfighting, peace support and homeland security operations, as well as promoting the culture of cooperation and synergy between the operators included in the command and control chain and the users of law enforcement tools.

To make the understanding of some concepts more usable, the visitors were presented with details Case Study, including some referring to operational experience gained by the staff of the Center of Excellence on the occasion of activities such as the visit of the president of the Russian Federation to Rome and the pope to Camerino in July of last year.

Il Center of Excellence of the Italian Army, led by Colonel Giorgio Cozzolino, develops, among others, activities aimed at the elaboration of concrete measures to acquire the ability to protect, in the broader field of anti-aircraft defense of sensitive targets / troops deployed on the ground, from overflight unauthorized of a specific area of ​​interest by hostile drones or mini / micro APRs, increasingly technologically advanced and able to reach the goal in a few seconds.

In this context, the training of both Armed Forces and Joint Forces personnel is a fundamental aspect to be able to effectively face the rapid evolution of the drone threat.