CASD: opening ceremony of the Academic Year 2022/2023

(To Greater Defense)

The opening ceremony of the new Academic Year of Center for Advanced Defense Studies (CASD).   

Also this year, the ceremony held at Palazzo Salviati marked the start of the Academic Year for the training institutes of the Armed Forces that operate in favor of military and civilian personnel throughout the national territory. 

An event, therefore, that is renewed in the name of the values ​​and importance that the Military Training, as the first defense garrison of the State, plays in a constantly evolving geopolitical context, where professional preparation increasingly plays a key role in resolving challenges the world poses. 

After his speech, Admiral Cavo Dragone declared the Academic Year open, a year that embodies an epochal turning point or the reconfiguration of the Center for High Defense Studies as a university level training institute. A result that sees for the first time ever a military training institution at an academic level.

Also present at the opening ceremony were the president of the Centro Alti Studi per la Defense team admiral Giacinto Ottaviani and professor Alberto De Toni, full professor of the Faculty of Economic Management Engineering of the University of Udine, who carried out a Lectio Magistralis on Complexity.

Overall, the 25th upper secondary school of state sages (ISSMI) is made up of 151 attendants, 27 of whom come from friendly and allied countries and 6 civilians while the attendants of the Higher Defense Studies Institute (IASD) are 64 of whom 32 civilians . "