70th anniversary of the NATO command JFC Brunssum

(To Greater Defense)

The military ceremony to mark the 23th anniversary of theAllied Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum, the NATO headquarters stationed in the Netherlands which, since 3 June 2022, has been commanded by Army General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta.

The ceremony was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Admiral Joachim Rühle; the mayor of Brunssum, Mrs. Wilma van de Rijt, and numerous civil and military authorities representing the countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

In the various interventions that followed, the authorities agreed wanted to underline, as a common factor, the central role for security and stability played by the NATO operational command of Brunssum in the Euro-Atlantic area and the perfect integration between the military institution, its members and the local community.

General Miglietta retraced the historical events and the tasks of the command currently under his command, recalling that during its existence, the JFC Brunssum​ has adapted and evolved to face the changing security challenges.

“From the Cold War era to the present day, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to react in the face of emerging threats" said the general, highlighting that "JFC Brunssum has always been at the forefront of NATO's efforts, from Crisis Response Operations, up to the current delicate task of deterrence and, if necessary, defense against aggression".

Representing the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Admiral Joachim Rühle, he addressed all the guests at the ceremony congratulating JFC Brunssum for preserving peace and security in Europe for 70 years arguing that: “only modern and innovative organizations will be able to maintain their relevance in an environment where international security is constantly and rapidly evolving and JFC Brunssum is ready for this challenge”.

Finally, the mayor of Brunssum, Mrs. Wilma van de Rijt, focused on the relationship that has linked the JFC and its municipality for decades, highlighting how over time, the NATO command has become vital for the city of Brunssum. "For us, the JFC is not just a military institution hosted in our territory" said the first citizen, “JFC Brunssum and NATO for us citizens represent the men and women who have come from all over the world to live here as our neighbors”.

A further and touching intervention was then that of a wife and daughter of a soldier serving in Brunssum, representing all the families. Their testimony focused on the difficulties that military families encounter in moving abroad to ensure support for their partners engaged in tasks of great responsibility and, at the same time, on the opportunities offered by living in an international context in which, helping each other, a single big family is formed which makes the motto: "Stronger Together" more meaningful than ever.

​During the ceremony, some members of the command, military and civilian, were awarded honors for their meritorious service and long service in NATO.

The military ceremony was only the culminating moment of a series of initiatives distributed throughout the year which involved and will continue to involve the local community to make the link between the military body and the social fabric of brunssum.