Knowing how to renew yourself quickly

(To Gianluca Celentano)

The Common Tactical Truck (CTT) implemented for a few years by the United States Army provides studies and tests for the replacement of the armed force's tactical vehicles.

The multinational American Rheinmetall Vehicles, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan (USA), is also interested in the development of modern tactical mobility for the American army.

The program for the identification of new platforms saw strategic collaboration with the American GM Defense LLC in 2022. The presentation and choice of prototypes deemed suitable will follow a spending of 5 billion dollars for 5.700 units and a supply contract agreed from December 2022. It will be the Haevy, the heavy one, the first interested in replacement, then the Medium as already reported in a previous article.

Rheinmetall is the holding company of MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), the division of the MAN group, world leader in the production of tactical military trucks. With the advanced series of HX3 series trucks produced by Rheinmetall, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as well as hybrid and autonomous driving technologies have appeared (also for the military). Characteristics that require automatic - Allison - or automated motion transmission systems for commercial civil production. For the US Army HX3 (photo) will be the first tactical platform supplied in collaboration with GM Defense.

What emerges in various notes published on the topic of supplies is the need to reduce the time between necessity, choice and actual commissioning. The American army does not hide that for the safety of personnel the new generation of automotive, including logistics, it will need to have broad synergy with AI, cybersecurity and greater fuel efficiency.

The procedures related to logistical means, such as the Palletized Load System (PLS), the logistics system for medium and long distance transport, the supply of highly mobile units etc. Also the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT), the high-mobility heavy tactical truck produced by Oshkosh will have a new adversary, as will the M915 tractor-trailer Truck and many other medium and heavy operational tactical platforms.

Photo: Rheinmetall