The Marine Corps is renewed starting from Medium Tactical Vehicles

(To Gianluca Celentano)

The excellence of the Marine Corps is based on investments and even more on knowing how to rapidly renew itself, also in the field of tactical-logistic vehicles. This is what Ashley Calingo, public information and communications officer for the US Marine Corps, claims.

In this regard, venture capitalist Josh Wolfe, co-founder of Lux Capital, is among the first in Silicon Valley to push for the technological expansion of Defense.

The sums allocated to American defense are staggering figures, as reported by a recent article on "Linkiesta", which evaluates them in 816 billion dollars a year, however observing a recent contraction, sufficient to make Washington question the effectiveness of a fleet to counter a possible attack against Taiwan.

The new Medium Tactical Vehicles

Speaking of tactical mobility for the Marines, the MTT - Medium Tactical Truck - program is innovative in every sense.

It takes an intensive period of 12 months to examine and to test ("!" - ndd) the Marines' two new partners, Mack Defense and Navistar Defense.

The goal is to retire the current Medium Tactical Vehicles (photo) with the MTVR replacement operation - Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement. The medium variants of the sector, the most used ones, will be affected, therefore: Tractor, Re-Supply, Cargo, Dumpe and Wrecker.

At the Quantico headquarters in Virginia they say that the operation will include radical and high-level changes including the increase in the size of platforms (and GVW) of the medium categories and the addition of electrification.

Hybrid and electric technologies, still quite unknown on military vehicles, serve to improve autonomy by reducing consumption, but are above all useful for concealing progress by limiting the detection of the heat of a column. The energy generator function of the vehicles is increased to 10 or 30 kw, essential for activating all the logistical and tactical needs in a war operation.

Mobility is also under observation off road of candidates in the marines, who will have to demonstrate excellent characteristics in crossing fords. All this to guarantee the active and passive safety of the "truck", its internal ergonomics, the interchangeability of weapon systems and levels of protection.

Safety for the military and ease of maintenance are the elements at the basis of every severe evaluation.

A quality story

The American MTV concept follows a somewhat different scale than the European "medium" vehicle concept, the dimensions are larger and more similar to the idea of heavy.

The armored ones Cougar o Buffalo (produced by Force Protection Inc.) in the role of Infantry Mobility Vehicles or the European KMW Grizzly they are the platforms closest to the concept medium American.

Mack Defense is a historic company founded in 1915 today integrated with the technology of the Volvo trucks group, a partnership with great commercial prospects.

Navistar Inc. traces its roots to 1902 as the International Harvester Company, a corporation specializing in the construction of large agricultural machinery. Today Navistar Defense is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group and the two multinationals have always collaborated with the American government in the supply of vehicles.

Photo: US Marine Corps