Argentina takes first step towards partnership with NATO


NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană met with Argentine Defense Minister Luis Petri at NATO Headquarters today to discuss the possibility of forming a partnership between the Alliance and Argentina.

During the meeting, Geoană said: “It is a great pleasure to welcome Defense Minister Petri to NATO Headquarters,” highlighting Argentina's important role in Latin America and the proposal to explore the possibility of becoming a NATO partner. He highlighted how NATO works with various countries around the world to promote peace and stability and how greater political and practical cooperation could be beneficial to both.

The two leaders shared their views on security challenges in Europe and Latin America, appreciating Argentina's role in supporting Ukraine with vital humanitarian assistance, including food, medicine and support for refugees.

NATO's political dialogue with Argentina began in the early 90s, with Buenos Aires then participating in NATO peace support operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Currently, Colombia is the only NATO partner country in Latin America. Any decision on a formal partnership would require consensus from all 32 allies.