The Ospreys (cautiously) start flying again

(To Vasco Monteforte)

The US military has taken steps to ensure the safety of the return to flight of Osprey, following the global grounding on December 6, 2023, following a major accident on November 29.

The official resumption of flights, which took place on8 March, followed the announcement of Naval Air Systems command (command of the US Navy, responsible for the research and development of aircraft supplied to the armed force) which declared the aircraft safe for flight, based on accurate engineering analysis.

A new safety plan includes better maintenance checks, revisions to the flight manual and targeted training to improve crew competence.

In the accident of 29th November 2023 which had led to the grounding of the aircraft, a US Air Force CV-22B* had crashed off the coast of Japan, with the loss of eight people on board.

From the Osprey's first flight in 1992 to today, accidents involving the tiltrotor have caused over 60 deaths.

* Version for the US Air Force designed for infiltration, exfiltration and supply tasks of special forces. It stands out for its advanced night flight capabilities and long-range missions.

Photo: US Marine Corps / YouTube