The French Navy carries out a double simultaneous launch of naval cruise missiles for the first time

(To Navy)

La Navy French today conducted, for the first time, the simultaneous launch of two Naval Cruise Missiles from two different platforms.

The Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) Aquitaine, located off Quimper, and a nuclear attack submarine (SNA) of the class Suffren, off the coast of Biscarrosse, launched cruise missiles aimed at a land target (located on the DGA site Essais de missiles of the Landes) and they hit him in perfect synchrony.

The shooting test was carried out with the joint experience of the National Navy and the DGA, with the support of MBDA. The operation, including target preparation and area security, was coordinated by DGA Essais de missiles.

The execution of the launch, which replicates real operating conditions, contributed to strengthening the operational skills of the National Marine crews, through a sequence of particularly complex actions. The tactical and technical results obtained from the test are fundamental to further develop the combat capabilities of French sailors, as part of a high-intensity operations preparation program.

Il Naval Cruise Missile (MdCN), represents an evolution and complement of the SCALP-EG surface-to-air cruise missile, used by the Mirage 2000D and Flurry of the Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace and the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) of the National Marine. The system allows the National Navy to carry out land operations using a deep strike capability, with launches from Multi-mission frigates (FREMM) and come on Nuclear Attack Submarines (SNA) of the class Suffren.