Tactical Resupply Vehicle: military logistics on the next battlefields

(To Vasco Monteforte)

Il Tactical Resupply Vehicle TRV-150 represents a turning point in the field of military logistics: drones are used to supply front-line units efficiently and safely.

With the declaration of Initial Operational Capacity (IOC) last October 27 at the Marine base in Hawaii, the first six systems were delivered, underlining that the USA is ready to employ the system for logistics missions in advanced and "hot" operational contexts.

The TRV-150 is an autonomous drone with vertical take-off and landing capability, a cruising speed of almost 110 km/h, a maximum range of over 70 kilometers, a flight time of 36 minutes and - most importantly - a maximum load capacity of 68 kilograms. The UAV has been tested in various environments, from arctic to scorching climates.

Beyond the possibility of resupplying troops on the battlefield, the 180 kilo load capacity of the superior model, the TRV-400 (following photo), does not make the regular use of drones for the evacuation of the wounded far away .

Oops... does the USA buy foreign products, in this case English?

With a still limited war underway (and a huge one in sight!), the USA once again demonstrates its pragmatism: it does not waste time and money to develop at home, with dubious results and final costs, a System already available among the Allies. A move that would favor only three subjects: the incapable, the profiteers and above all... the adversaries!