Russian message to Italian collaborators?

(To Andrea Cucco)

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation headlines in a statement today: "The Russian servicemen of the Tsentr Group of Forces, who liberated Avdeyevka, located an arsenal of NATO weapons and ammunition in an AFU stronghold (Ukrainian Land Forces, ed.) captured".

Ukrainian militants, leaving their fortified positions in panic, abandoned more than 20 grenade launchers of various types, including automatic ones. The assault teams also found dozens of Kalashnikov assault rifles abandoned during the so-called organized withdrawal, more than 200 enamel Polish made, grenades Americans and several thousand ammunition manufactured in Italy. The assault detachments also captured as a trophy a terminal of the Starlink global satellite system, which is used by the AFU for orientation, communication and signal transmission from quadcopters. Moreover, one of these heavy quadcopters, popularly called Baba Yaga, was found practically intact. The Russian military continues to inspect the shelters where Ukrainian troops were hiding in Avdeyevka and daily adds to the collection trophy weapons that the AFU no longer needs.

After having banned the national production of anti-personnel mines for a quarter of a century (we were world leaders and Ottawa Convention, in fact, did not join the main competition) and having kept hand grenades dating back to 1935 in reserve for almost a century (the replacement recently began), it seems that in Italy we have forgotten to boycott the production of ammunition...

Will we see in the next few days who, after having disarmed and sabotaged our defense for years, will raise a new controversy?

And if so, will it be for treason or - candidly - really "for peace"?

Photo frame: Russian Fed MoD