BAM nobiscum!

(To Andrea Cucco)

88 years after the arrival of the SRCM 35 - which still seem to occupy the majority of the barracks' ammunition reserves - some good news arrives: production of the MF2000 has resumed.

Approved in 2004, the hand grenade saw slow production until 22 December 2016 when an accident at the Baiano di Spoleto plant led to the serious injury of a young worker.

With the recent release of the production line, our armed forces will soon be able to begin training with modern equipment.

We remember the embarrassment we felt last year when attending training combat in “high intensity scenarios” by soldiers throwing hand grenades dating back to 1935… (read article) small red cans that had attracted too much criticism already during the Second World War (little potential, missed detonations and excessive difficulties of use in too many environments).

According to official sources (AID), the MF2000 has now undergone a redesign of the fuze (delay and diaphragm) which, together with new production procedures, would improve safety both during assembly and use.

Given the consumption of hand grenades on the Ukrainian front, a rapid adaptation of the individual equipment of our soldiers is decidedly urgent.

Photo: Defense Online