Vespucci: ambassador of Made in Italy

(To Francesco Sisto)

Today Saturday 1st July, from the port of Genoa (la superba as Francesco Petrarca nicknamed it), the Amerigo Vespucci left for the tour of the world. The sailing ship of the Navy will be ambassador of “Made in Italy”.

This prestigious event was attended not only by the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto, but also by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida; the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Picchetto Fratin; the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanchè; the Minister of Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi; the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Edoardo Rixi; the Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Maria Tripodi; the Undersecretary of State for Defence, Isabella Rauti; the undersecretary of state for defence, Matteo Perego di Cremnago; the undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Lucia Albano, the chief of staff of the Navy Enrico Credendino, the president of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti and the mayor Marco Bucci.

“During the tour the ship will travel more than 40.000 nautical miles, calling at 31 foreign ports in 28 countries on 5 continents and the Italy Village will be set up in the most important ports, where the activities of the individual Dicasteries involved will converge, so that the world tour becomes, in addition what a unitary expression of the values ​​of the entire nation, also a driving force for our economy and for the dissemination of our culture".

“Today, culture, history, innovation, food and wine, science, research, technology, industry take off with Vespucci, all of which make the name Italy one of the most evocative names in the world. It is an extraordinary day for Genoa and for the Navy but above all for Italy. This ship will set sail waving the Italian flag which will carry around the world all that Italy represents. Not only will the most beautiful ship in the world arrive in every nation, but Italy will arrive" - thus expressed the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto.

The sailing ship Vespucci is the representation of our Navy and our nation: "in it is contained the excellence of Made in Italy, in the wake of maritime traditions, but also of a strong Italian cultural dimension and over the years it has contributed to the growth of the country's prestige".

The writer was present at the ceremony today… great emotion and pride.

This day is to be dedicated to Lieutenant Michele Savarese.

The stages:

  • Genoa (Italy): 01 July 2023
  • Marseille (France): 04-07 July 2023
  • Las Palmas (Spain): 19-22 July 2023
  • Dakar (Senegal): 29 July - 01 August 2023
  • Praia (Cape Verde): 04-06 August 2023
  • Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic): 28 August-02 September 2023
  • Cartagena (Colombia): 07-10 September 2023
  • Port of Spain (Trinidad): 18-19 September 2023
  • Fortaleza (Brazil): 04-08 October 2023
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): 20-24 October 2023
  • Montevideo (Uruguay): 02-05 November 2023
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina): 06 November 2023 – 01 April 2024
  • Ushuaia (Argentina) and Punta Arenas (Chile): 13-16 April 2024
  • Valparaiso (Chile): 28 April - 02 May 2024
  • Callao (Peru): 12-15 May 2024
  • Guayaquil (Ecuador): 21-24 May 2024
  • Balboa (Panama): 31 May – 02 June 2024
  • Acapulco (Mexico): 15-19 June 2024
  • Los Angeles (USA): 01-06 July 2024
  • Honolulu (USA): July 24-28, 2024
  • Tokyo (Japan): 25-30 August 2024
  • Manila (Philippines): 14-18 September 2024
  • Darwin (Australia): 04 -07 October 2024
  • Jakarta (Indonesia): 20-24 October 2024
  • Singapore (Republic of Singapore): 30 October - 03 November 2024
  • Mumbai (India): 24-28 November
  • Karachi (Pakistan): 03-06 December 2024
  • Doha (Qatar): 13-16 December 2024
  • Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates): 18-21 December 2024
  • Muscat (Oman): 24-27 December 2024
  • Safaga (Egypt): 15-18 January 2025
  • Larnaca (Cyprus): 29-31 January 205
  • La Spezia (Italy): 11 February 2025