In Taranto, exhibitions, conferences and much more for Marina Day

(To Anita Fiaschetti)

After 12 years, Taranto returns to host the Navy Day celebrations. This time he does it with a rich and dense program: 4 days, from 7 to 10 June, of exhibitions, concerts, visits to ships and much more. On the other hand, we know that the link between the Apulian city and the Navy is now indissoluble, as Admiral Vitiello stated a few days ago stating: "in Taranto we have 15 thousand units, almost in every family there is a person linked to the Navy".

And so 20 units are deployed in the Mar Grande Naval Station: from Garibaldi al St. George, passing through the frigates Alpine e Martinengo, the latter will receive the combat flag on the occasion of the June 10 ceremony, up to the most beautiful ship in the world, theAmerigo Vespucci. Ships open to the public that, curious and attentive, will be able to get to know a reality that is at times unknown, but fascinating. Not only ships though, but also history. Like that of the exhibition “30 years of ability to bring service to Italy " set up on board the ship Garibaldi. The aircraft embarked by the Navy represent a real power multiplier of the fleet, since they allow to extend the sphere of influence of the naval units from which they operate, well beyond the horizon, carrying out or supporting almost all of the missions conducted up high sea. Missions, as the images recall, not only military, but also to support peace and the populations hit by natural disasters. The aircraft carrier, as can be seen by visiting the exhibition, is an emblem of the country's international rank and represents the maximum expression of a nation's aeronaval power. In the world, only 7 countries own and employ aircraft carriers; of these 4 are from NATO and only Italy and France are part of the European Community.

In Taranto could not miss the appointments to the Aragonese Castle, where for the occasion two exhibitions were set up: one of paintings by Marina painters depicting different models of ships and one on the "Centenary of the conferral of the denomination San Marco to the fusiliers of Marina". Also on the evening of Saturday 8 June, the film was held in the splendid setting of the Castle"The fate of men ". The film, produced in the 2018, traces the story of Luigi Rizzo, the man even before the officer, who during the First World War put his courage and competence at the Navy's disposal. As director Leonardo Tiberi stated: "Luigi Rizzo was not only Premuda's man. His story is not that of a Navy officer, but of a perfect, incredible Italian, one that whatever he did in life, did it well, consistently and without compromise ".

Interpreted by Andrea Sartoretti, the film traces not only the feat of 10 June 1918, when Luigi Rizzo aboard a small Mas, sank the Austrian battleship Santo Stefano, but it also highlights the admiral's private life: his childhood memories at Milazzo, his love for Giuseppina, the pain for the loss of his son, his friendship with D'Annunzio and the period of imprisonment during the Second World War because it is blamed for collaborating with the Resistance. All in a mix of new and vintage scenes. The commander Sciarretta of the Naval History Office who said:Figures like Luigi Rizzo belong to those generations of young professionals who have changed history with their gestures. Those who actually heard the decalogue drawn up by Admiral Thaon de Revel".

In fact, the last entry in the Decalogue read: "If there is the possibility of inflicting serious damage on the enemy, do not hesitate to sacrifice yourself in order to reach the goal". Luigi Rizzo and his men succeeded: on the other hand we know, luck helps the bold!