Tonight at 21.30 "Summits and bombs: what happened in Vilnius and what cluster bombs are"


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said: "The Vilnius summit is a success for Ukraine. The result is a guarantee for Ukraine moving towards NATO membership and a guarantee for our security".

The day before had been marked by many discussions relating to the US supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine.

At the NATO summit of 11 and 12 July that has just ended, what was (or was not...) decided?

What are "cluster bombs"?

How are they used?

What are the real operational benefits?

And above all... what are the consequences?

We will discuss it tonight at 21.30 together with three guests:

  • Gen. Giuseppe Morabito (member of the board of directors of the NATO Defense College Foundation);
  • dr. Lorenzo DiBella (member of the Army Study Center and combat engineering expert);
  • lawyer Marco Valerio Verni (expert in international law and international humanitarian law).

See you there!

Photo: US Army