This evening at 21.00 pm "War kidnappings: a testimony and the prospects for Gaza"


On October 7, 2023, Hamas launches a surprise attack against Israel, entering Israeli territory from various points along the border with the Gaza Strip. During the attack, Hamas militants kidnapped over 200 people and took them to the Strip.

What is the status of the conflict triggered by Hamas?

What happens to hundreds of innocent hostages, used as a deterrent to prevent a clash?

We can only imagine from afar the real state of mind of the inmates who, even if "well treated", left behind them the corpses of barbarously murdered friends and relatives.

Furthermore, we are unable to glimpse any human soul in those who detain innocent children, after having already massacred dozens of them.

Tonight at 21.00pm, together with the general Giuseppe Morabito, we will take stock of the war triggered by a certain "rogue state" in extreme internal political crisis.

The Hon. will also speak. Anna Cinzia Bonfrisco (MEP, member of the Foreign Affairs Commission - Defense and Security subcommittee, Budget Commission, Delegation for relations with Israel) and finally we will have the testimony of a compatriot, the historian and journalist Fabio Marco Fabbri, seized in Iraq and used as a "human shield" in 1990.

See you there!

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Photo: IDF