Tonight at 21.00 "Hypocresea - The hidden truths behind the clichés about immigration and NGOs"


“What happens at sea when rescues take place is much more than what is shown to us. They show us the migrants, the agitated images of the rescues, the tears, the sweat, the struggle between life and death. All documented by NGO staff and dozens of journalists who boarded these ships, with photos and videos. But that's only part of the story..." Thus, the author, a journalist, begins this investigative book of hers where she recounts what she saw with her own eyes, such as when she embarked on the Aquarius, belonging to the NGO SOS Mediterranean, where he saw things that the official images never showed…

Why, after decades, is uncontrolled immigration still the "rule"?

Are immigrants really "the solution to Italy's economic and demographic problems"?

"Do we really think that a dinghy would leave in prohibitive weather conditions and waves six meters high, if there weren't someone at sea able to rescue it?"

Tonight at 21.00pm we will meet Francesca Ronchin, the author of the book-investigation "Hypocresea - The hidden truths behind the clichés about immigration and NGOs".

We are waiting for you. With your questions!