Tonight at 21.00 pm: "Interview with General Antonio Li Gobbi"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Last week he wrote ainteresting analysis on the Israeli intervention in a Gaza that has been under the yoke of Hamas for over 16 years.

Since then the situation on the ground has further evolved...

What would losing the initiative on the battlefield mean for Israel now?

Will the media war, made up of accusations and counter-accusations, continue to occupy the space of the fighting on the ground?

Does the nightmare of holding an urban area end with his taking or the worst is yet to begin?

How should we evaluate the dynamics of the international community in the last week?

We will delve deeper into these and other points tonight at 21.00 together with the general Antonio Li Gobbi, repeatedly engaged abroad as a United Nations observer, troop commander, with positions of responsibility in the "operations" branch at the allied command of SHAPE, at the Alliance headquarters and as operational sub-chief of ISAF in Kabul.

See you there!

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Photo: IDF