This evening at 21.00 pm: "The chief of staff of the English army asks for citizens ready to fight. Italy?"

(To Staff)

The Chief of Staff of the British Army, General Patrick Sanders, recently underlined the need for British citizens to be "trained and equipped" to fight in the event of a (potential) conflict.

He expressed concerns about the current size of the army (74.000 men and women), which was considered insufficient, suggesting expansion to around 120.000 within three years. He emphasized the importance of preparing and training a "citizen army", drawing inspiration from what is happening in Eastern and Northern Europe in response to the Russian threat.

Sir Patrick finally warned that the United Kingdom must be ready to mobilize as "pre-war nation": This definition refers to the state of a country that is preparing for the possibility of armed conflict. “Preparedness” may include increasing military capabilities, training the civilian population, strengthening defense infrastructure, and other preventative measures.

The notion of pre-war nation therefore implies the recognition of a potential threat of war!

Italy leaves obviously space for news on pandori, various political squabbles, anniversaries and outstretched arms. But... what if he's wrong?

What have we been doing since the beginning of World War III?

We discuss it Friday 26 January at 21.00 together with the general Luigi Scollo and to our manager of the "military world" area, Andrea Sapori.

See you there!

Photo: UK MoD UK