Tonight at 21.00 pm: "Difesa Online interviews General Gianpaolo Miniscalco"


The general Gianpaolo Miniscalco he served in the Air Force for 42 years, learning to fly with the Canadian Air Force. His operational deployment saw him first start on the F104 at Istrana, before spending ten years at Frecce Tricolori where he held the positions of N.8, N.5, N1 (leader) and finally 0 (commander), representing Italy in over 500 performances in 34 countries. On 31 October 2004, the wheels of the last operational example of the F 104 in the world (the red 9-99) were finally put on the ground.

Gianpaolo Miniscalco, as an incurable lover of flying, has always continued to fly continuously even during all his numerous staff and command roles, which he carried out in Italy and abroad in extremely diversified fields. 

During his time at the Italian Mission in New York he was also a member of the Classic Jet Association, flying regularly to Long Island on a Folland Gnat belonging to the Red Arrows. In total he has just under 4.500 military flight hours under his belt, mostly carried out on jets, but a non-negligible portion also on helicopters, gliders, transport planes and on the beloved SIAI 208.

We will meet him this evening at 21.00 pm, in a live broadcast on our channels (Youtube, Facebook, X).

See you there!

Photo: AeCI