What prospects for Italian private security?

(To Staff)

From 15 to 17 November, at the Rho FieraMilano exhibition center, it will be held “Security 2023”, a biennial event that represents the highest moment of discussion and presentation of innovations in the field of private security and in general in what is considered security in our country.

Aiss (Italian Subsidiary Safety Association) will organize two conferences on the evolution of private security in Italy. Appointments will be held Wednesday 15 November in the Expo Hall 5, the first at 14pm and the second at 16pm.

We will start with “Italian private security companies: what are the prospects?” that emphasis will be placed on the sector's transition from simple surveillance tasks to a series of advanced services, crucial for defending against physical and digital threats. In response to growing demand, the security market has reached €2 billion, pushing for innovation despite an inadequate legislative framework.

The speakers selected for this event are professionals who have left an indelible mark on the security landscape, both in Italy and internationally. Each speaker will contribute their own unique perspective, shaped by years of field experience, in-depth studies and active participation in the development of sector policies.

Claudio Verzola vice president of AISS will lead the way of the event, introducing the key themes.

Alberto Pagani, moderator of the debate, is a leading figure in the academic world, with research focused on strategic studies and national security.

Umberto Saccone he has held operational positions in various areas of the Middle East and Europe. In 2006 he left the Service to take up the position of Director of Security at Eni. Currently Senior Advisor - Europe West Leader Employee & Physical assets (EPA) Security Risk Management.

Franco Cecconi he is the pioneer of the UNI PDR 54 regulation and president of the Italian Subsidiary Safety Association.

Luciano Tommaso Ponzifinally, it represents the tradition and evolution of the private investigation sector in Italy.

Two entrepreneurs who own two security institutions will also participate in the debate Giulio Gravina CEO Italpol Supervision e Angel of Nardo CEO of Aquila SpA

Topics will be addressed ranging from the necessary, sometimes even urgent, changes that the Ministry of the Interior will have to make, to revive a sector that has fallen after decades of total disregard of the legislator in a stalemate situation with wages below poverty levels, to those that could allow the revival of private security.

We will continue with “Safety auxiliaries UNI 11926:2023 and UNI 11925:2023. What's changing in the private security market". The private security sector is not a self-contained island, but a vital component of the global security system that responds to complex international dynamics. In this context, Italy faces challenges and opportunities that reflect its cultural, historical and legislative peculiarities. And the recent changes have been revolutionary in scope.

This second event will be moderated Raphael Juvara, managing director of essecome-securindex.com. Greetings will follow Francesco Franco, president of Fonditalia, and to follow that of Nicola Patrizi, president of Federterziario.

The next moment will see the intervention of Ruggero Lensi, general director of UNI - Italian standardization body, Angelo Del Giudice, representative of the Industry & Digital Trust sector of Accredia - the Italian accreditation body, Roberto Garbuglio, operational director of ICMQ SpA Benefit Society, Franco Cecconi, president of the Italian Subsidiary Security Association, Giuseppe Mastromattei, president of the Safety Laboratory, Luciano Tommaso Ponzi, national president Federpol ed Enrico Doddi, national secretary of UGL Civil Security.