Today at 18.30 pm "Interview with General Marco Bertolini"


In Italy, after the proliferation of virologists at the time of the pandemic, military analysts have multiplied for over a year. Thus, places and conflicts, more or less distant, are treated every day as if they were football matches. However, the fact that one has kicked a ball a few times is reliable for anyone, that one has heard the bullets whistling above one's head or is aware of the various operational theaters is much less credible... While one is then absorbed in commenting on the horizon - often reported and not seen - we forget to look at the conditions faced by our armed forces or - worse - civil society. If it was not able to support them even during so-called "peace operations", how could it in the event of a real conflict?

To discuss the term "war" (still censored in our country...) and its global evolution abroad, we interview tonight at 18.30 in a new episode of WW3 the general Marco Bertolini, former commander of the top joint operational command and of the brigade thunderbolt.

See you there!

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Photo: Ministry of Defense