Today at 18.00 pm "Israel: after the truce?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

The ongoing truce between Israel and Hamas expires today. Starting on November 24, 2023, it was scheduled to last four days.

With the release of hostages by Hamas, including Israeli women and children (in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel), it was possible to send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The future of the pause in armed intervention is uncertain. Israel and Hamas say they are ready to resume hostilities. The situation remains tense and fragile, with a significant human toll and a desperate need for a lasting resolution.

What really happened in recent days and what lies ahead?

Can the solution to the conflict be a definitive truce or will something else be needed to resolve the major Palestinian issue?

Will the occult master states (as hypocritically as possible) continue to fight Israel with the blood of others?

How much has the imposing (but "discreet") presence of the United States in the area changed the program of events?

We'll talk about it today at 18.00 pm together with several guests, including the general Giuseppe Morabito, the MEP Hon. Anna Cinzia Bonfrisco and - in connection with Israel - with Dr Eli Karmon.

See you there!

Photo: IDF