Wednesday 17th at 21.00pm "Taiwan: Xi-Day is approaching?"


William Lai's victory in the Taiwanese elections provoked important reactions from China which expressed its disappointment, claiming that Lai's Democratic Progressive Party does not represent mainstream public opinion on the island and that elections will not change the inevitable reunification. Taiwan Affairs Bureau spokesman Chen Binhua reiterated opposition to any attempt at Taiwanese independence.

Lai vowed to defend Taiwan from Chinese "intimidation" and asserted the right of the Taiwanese people to choose their own president.

In response to the victory, the European Union congratulated Taiwan on its popular participation in the elections, underlining the importance of peace and stability in the Strait of the same name for regional and global security. US President Joe Biden recalled that the US does not support Taiwanese independence.

Despite the tensions, an actual conflict or invasion of Taiwan by China is considered unlikely at the moment. According to several analysts, China will try to balance intimidation towards Taipei with the need for stable relations with Washington.

With an increasingly "global" war underway, the Chinese president will therefore postpone the promise to reunify the "rebel" island until 2049 (centenary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party and deadline year by which political-military action was promised ) or will you take advantage of this to resolve the issue early?

We will discuss it Wednesday January at 17 21.00 together with the general. Giuseppe Morabito and to the admin. Andrea Mucedola.

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Photo: MoD China