Navy: Open Day at the Naval Academy for future officers eager to embark on an extraordinary experience

(To Marina Militare)

Two immersive days to breathe and explore the maritime culture of the Navy.

Saturday 13th and Saturday 20th January, the Naval Academy of Livorno will welcome young people interested in becoming Navy officers.

The open days will be "in person" from 09.00 to 12.00 in Livorno, with access at the San Jacopo gate in viale Italia 72 and "remotely" from 14.00 pm to 18.30 pm via the platform accessible from Navy website and visible on all official social channels.

During the event, participants will be able to explore the Institute, interact with officers and students of the Naval Academy and obtain detailed information on the competition and the training courses offered.

The call, which will expire on January 29th, is aimed at young people aged between 17 and 22 years of age, in possession of Italian citizenship, a secondary school diploma, or about to obtain it eventually. of the current school year.

For 2024, 153 places are available in the various specializations of the Navy, divided into the various bodies (General Staff, Naval Engineers, Maritime Military Commissariat, Port Authorities and Maritime Military Health).