Monday 25th at 21.00pm: "Who will help the Armenians now? The Ukrainians...?"


After more than 9 months of siege, hunger and hardship, Azerbaijan bombed Artsakh. Hundreds of dead and injured, including civilians. The plan worked: the surrender has arrived...

This defeat, the result of international sloth, may appear "small" but, for those who hate preverication and love freedom and rights, it will long be re-evaluated as enormous.

Economic interests and blackmail have paralyzed those who continue to see Ukraine as the sole center of a war that has been involving the world for over a year.

The Russian Federation has lost all credibility in the face of its already reduced border allies. Will it continue to make them elsewhere?

Who will move to defend a population that survived a genocide, if someone wants to finish a job begun last century in the ruins of the Ottoman Empire?

And, above all, who will be able to credibly stand up as a defender of human rights after having been the first to "look the other way"?

We will discuss it Monday 25 September at 21.00 pm, together with the generals George Battisti e Giuseppe Morabito, in a new live broadcast on our channels.

See you there!