Monday 17th at 18.00: "Are we helplessly witnessing a new genocide?"

(To Andrea Cucco)

While the war in Ukraine has monopolized media attention since last year, Armenians in Artsakh I'm on the verge of a new genocide.

It is easy to talk about "Western culture" or "human rights", quite another thing to embody and defend them. Difficult to do so when you have to face, even if only politically, a country that has been working against our interests for years and a European culture of which we would like to be exponents.

Our governments have regularly ceded to Turkey every area of ​​influence or simple economic interest, from Libya to Syria to Somalia. There remains (perhaps) a shred of conscience: to react in the face of yet another extermination.

Turkey and vassal Azerbaijan are carrying out a planned strangulation. The premise is inevitably Western and Russian inertia.

Will we be watching again this time?

Monday 17 July at 18.00 we will take stock of the situation with the ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Italy, Tsovinar Hambardzumyan, the general George Battisti and the general Giuseppe Morabito.

We are waiting for you.