“Italy in comparison with the land power and maritime power of the great powers in the wider Mediterranean”


Il February 22, 2024, from 14 pm to 30 pm, at the Chapter House of the Cloister of the Convent of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva a Roma, an event of national importance will take place curated by Army Study Center.

The conference, entitled "Italy in comparison with the land power and maritime power of the great powers in the wider Mediterranean", represents a precious opportunity for scholars, professionals and political decision-makers to reflect on Italy's strategic positioning within the complex Mediterranean dynamics.

The initiative intends to provide a space for analysis on the geopolitical challenges that our country faces in an area of ​​vital importance, making use of the knowledge of eminent figures in the strategic, industrial and academic sectors, as well as the participation of authoritative representatives of the Armed Forces and the national political landscape. The objective is to identify emerging trends and evaluate the most appropriate policies to promote national interests in the "enlarged Mediterranean".

The event is part of the annual activities calendar of Army Study Center and aims to stimulate informed dialogue and a deep understanding of regional dynamics, in order to develop effective strategies to address the challenges of the present and future in a constantly changing geopolitical context.

List of interventions:

  • Gen. Antonio Venci - "Italy in the Wider Mediterranean and the comparison between land power and maritime power"
  • dr. Paolo Crippa - "Pivot to Asia"
  • teacher Andrea Ungari - "Terrestrial Power and Maritime Power: between history and current events"
  • dr. Marco Minniti (Chairman “Med Or Foundation”) - "The wider Mediterranean between risks, crises and opportunities and the role of Italy"
  • Gen. Claudio Graziano (president Fincantieri and chairman pro tempore of the Military Committee of the European Union) - "The international posture in the Mediterranean and the experience of the European Community"
  • Gen. Peter Serino (Army Chief of Staff)

Moderators: prof. Andrea Ungari and gen. Salvatore Farina (president of the Army Study Center)

It will also be possible to follow the meeting remotely (https://webtv.senato.it/https://www.youtube.com/user/SenatoItaliano).

Access to the room with appropriate clothing and, for men, mandatory jacket and tie, is permitted until the maximum capacity is reached.

Journalists and guests must register by writing to: comunica_capo@centrostudieditore.it e ceremonale@centrostudieditore.it