The Romanian school ship "Mircea" arrives in Taranto

(To Staff)

The training ship Mircea, the emblem of the Romanian Navy, also has an important representation mission, the historic sailboat was officially declared in 2019, Honorary Ambassador to the Service of Romania, and last year he received the title of Ambassador of Sustainable Romania.

Il Mircea is in training, with a cruise on the seas of Italy, Greece and Türkiye.

On board the school ship, there are 80 Romanian and foreign students from Naval Academies of Italy (1), Spain (1), Germany (2), Turkey (2), Poland (2) and Bulgaria (2). They train aboard the sailing ship, strengthening their practical navigational and astronomical navigation skills.

The ship, which left the port of Constance at the beginning of July 2023 and passed through the port of Piraeus in Greece, will remain in the port of Taranto until 19 July 2023, after which it will drop anchor to continue the training and education programme, heading to the port of Izmir in Turkey.

The school ship Mircea she is a class A sailing ship, with three masts, 44 meters high and 23 sails.

On July 3, 1939, 84 years ago, Mircea made her first training cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. More than 35 missions on the seas and oceans of the world followed, as well as participation in international events.

Dozens of generations of naval officers have been trained aboard ship, along with cadets from other countries. The promotions of seamen who have apprenticed on the Mircea they proudly identified themselves with the training ship, making the Romanian Navy have a distinction between other types of weapons.

As part of public diplomacy actions, during their stay in Taranto, the commander of the ship's school, Mircea Târhoacă, together with the Romanian consul general in Bari, will have meetings with civil and military authorities and representatives of the consular corps.

The ship can be visited according to the following timetable:

- Saturday 15th July from 15pm to 00pm

- Sunday 16, Monday 17, Tuesday 18 July from 09:00 to 13:15 and from 00:18 to 00:XNUMX

Port of Taranto, at the Naval Naval Station, Viale Jonio, 74121 Taranto (TA) - mooring post/quay no. 3