Interview with Andrea Costantino. What happens behind the scenes of the theater?

(To Andrea Cucco)

The COP28 summit is still underway in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which saw the participation of world leaders (including Putin), ministers, officials from 198 countries and around 70.000 delegates, making it one of the most attended ever .

What happens behind the scenes of the stage?

Russia appears to share several common friendships (including the Emirates and Saudi Arabia). Is ours realpolitik or traditional clumsiness?

While we've been busy enduring a pandemic and various wars (all still ongoing), what don't we seem to have seen?

Today we ask ourselves who will lead the USA next year (some even Italy...), but will Western democracies be able to face those who can adopt ten-year strategies for a long time to come?

Will we continue to do and undo everything, year after year, for much longer?

We'll talk about it tonight at 21.00 with (by popular request of readers) Andrew Constantine, compatriot kidnapped and tortured by the Emirati regime for almost 2 years and still awaiting justice.

See you there!