The Undersecretary of Defense Hon. Perego from Cremnago visiting during the Gazza Ladra 2023 exercise

(To Greater Defense)

The COFS commander, team admiral Paolo Pezzutti, was able to illustrate the outlines of the training event which aims to activate the national organization for crisis management, foreseen by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 5 May 2010.

The purpose of this edition of the exercise is to verify the ability of the command to implement the provisions envisaged by the national contingency plans to ensure the safety and evacuation of compatriots at risk, restoring the safety conditions of infrastructures of national interest in the environment not permissive.

The COFS conducts these special operations through the activation of high-level readiness units belonging to the 9th "Col Moschin" assault regiment of the Army, operational group of raiders (GOI) - COMSUBIN of the Navy, of the 17th wing raiders from the Air Force and the special intervention group (GIS) of the Carabinieri, in a concrete and synergistic coordination between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), as a national response to a crisis situation non-negotiable or for the defense of national interests abroad.

A significant innovation included in "Gazza Ladra 2023", underlined by the Undersecretary of Defense, concerns a partnership established with the Luiss universities of Rome and the S. Anna high school of Pisa, which saw a team of 8 graduates in law and international relations establish a support staff for the COFS command, through four branches dedicated to analyzes in the political, legal and public information sectors in the hypothesized training scenario, in addition to that reserved for direct contacts with MAECI representatives.