The divers and the Comsubin raiders at the 2019 Audi show

(To Comsubin)

The Navy will be present in Bologna at the 27th edition of the EUDI SHOW, the European exhibition of underwater activities, with the assets of the Diving and Raiders Command "Teseo Tesei" (COMSUBIN). 

From 1 to 3 March 2019, it will be possible to "immerse" yourself in the Comsubin stand in a path that will tell 170 years of military diving history, through unique equipment of its kind that have marked the development of this discipline worldwide. Among real pieces of history will also be exhibited some of the most modern materials that are currently used by the men of Incursion Operational Group and from the divers of the Diving Operations Group during their missions, very often conducted in favor of the community.

In particular in the Marina stand will be exhibited a modern rigid diving suit ADS (Atmospheric Diving System) updated to the version Quantum, which allows you to immerse a man up to 300 meters deep. Moreover, it will be possible to wear the traditional dress by Palombaro complete with helmet, boots and leads to give yourself a souvenir photo that can not miss in the photographic collection of each diver.

Particularly rich is the program of conferences that will see the staff of Comsubin engaged during this edition of the European Underwater Exhibition:

Saturday March 2

- 10.30 am, inside the diving Master area, “Safety in diving with rebreather. Analysis of the safety aspects of diving with this type of equipment, characteristics of the machines up to the training and training required by the diver "

- 11.00 am, at the Assosub stage, "The underwater archaeological excavation of the Battle of Capo Noli of a Napoleonic lifeboat of 1875 at a depth of 63m" in collaboration with the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Liguria

- 12.00, inside the Madrigal room, “The reactivation of ports and maritime communication routes: a capability of the Navy divers. The reactivation of the port of Pantelleria in May 2018 "

- 16.00 pm, in the Dive Doctor area, “Advantages and disadvantages of hyper-oxygenated blends. The oxygen enriched air allows safe diving, the experience of the Navy for correct use "

- 17.00 pm, at the FIAS stand, "The operational activities conducted by the Comsubin Underwater Operating Group during 2018"

Sunday March 3

- 11.30 am, at the Assosub stage, "The Underwater and Incursors Group of the Navy told through the images of the photographer Massimo Sestini"

- 15.00 pm, at the Assosub stage, “Awarding of the Enzo and Rossana Maiorca Award” during which the Comsubin Commander will describe the Pantelleria intervention carried out in favor of the population, safeguarding the marine environment.