Thursday 28 September at 18.00 pm: "Difesa Online interviews Gianfranco Paglia"


Gianfranco Paglia he is perhaps one of the most - and at the same time "least" - well-known characters in our armed forces. Today lieutenant colonel of the Army, gold medal for military valor for his behavior during the battle of the pasta factory of 1993 and deputy (from 2008 to 2013), many aspects of his life are still unknown.

Taking advantage of the availability for an interview, we will retrace his more than thirty years of professional life in contact with the Defense: as a civilian, sailor, airman and finally soldier!

Media activities often concern him only on the occasion of certain activities: sports (he is among the most prominent members of the Paralympic Defense Sports Group), Somalia or periodic controversies against the armed forces or the Army which he never fails to make hear his voice.

Yet fellow citizen Paglia is much more...

We'll try to find out together Thursday 28 September at 18.00 pm on our channels.

See you there!