Thursday 1 February at 21.00 pm, interview with the general. Servadei: "In flight since 1959"

(To Staff)

in 2024 Bruno Servadei celebrates sixty-five years of flying, which in a married life corresponds to a platinum marriage.

He has always flown since 1959 when, as an eighteen-year-old Academy cadet, he first started a North American T-6 Texan and later a Lockeed T-33 Shooting Star, to then move on to decidedly more demanding operational machines such as the Republic fighter-bomber F-84F Thunderstreak and the Aeritalia fighter-interceptorF-104s StarfighterToday, now in his eighty-third year of life, he continues to fly an advanced ultralight.

His civil pilot activity also took place primarily on two ultralight aircraft: theEurostar produced in the Czech Republic and theFL 100 handcrafted in the Pontine plain.

He was also part of a small aerobatic team, the "Blu Circe", thanks to which he discovered a new aspect of the world of flight, the most spectacular one, and was able to participate in several Air Shows, both Italian and foreign.

We interview him Thursday 1 February at 21.00.

See you there!

Photo: Bruno Servadei