Display Determination 2023

(To Staff)

The “Display Determination 20” exercise took place in Milan from 22 to 2023 October which saw the deployment of the field healthcare device Role1(e) of the “Primo” territorial unit of military body.

For the occasion, around 70 men were mobilized, also coming from other territorial units and directed by Col. Renato Paolo Mazzon, in the presence of the commander of the the body, with the. Tommaso Gargallo.

The operations involved the preparation, transport, deployment, management and return of the structure, within 48 hours, despite adverse weather conditions.

The aim of the activity was to test the actual operational capabilities and measure performance, preliminary steps necessary to proceed with the certification of full operational capacity in the Armed Forces according to NATO standards.

The structure, unfolded in its entirety, consists of two twin elements (Role 1 projection) and independent, entirely transportable in a container and which, on occasion, can be joined together to form the extended version (Role 1e) of the device. During the presentation, a demonstration was held for the guests present, including Gen. Filippo Agosta, director of military hospital center of Milan, to illustrate the available equipment and operational potential, but, above all, the device in its entirety, focusing on the integrative and indispensable capabilities for the use of the structure in every context, civil and military.

The protection capabilities in the CBRN field (chemical, bacteriological, radiological, nuclear) were highlighted, for which a core is always available that carries out surveillance and filtering actions, as well as the capabilities in the telecommunications field which allow connection with different systems also for the transmission of clinical news and any teleconsultations. Furthermore, a recent innovation, a demonstration was carried out of the potential of the Unit's drone team which, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical service, delivered healthcare materials to teams operating outside the structure, in addition to the usual monitoring and photo-video detection.

Finally, external professionals (biologists and nurses) from the University of Pavia participated in the event, actively taking part in the rescue operations, as part of the ongoing collaboration between the Primo and the Master "Crisis management in healthcare: medicine in emergencies", who showed a keen interest in the the body and its activities.

During the final verification, some projects were identified that will be the subject of the unit's work for the next few months, in order to be able to proceed with a further expansion and, perhaps, the transition to Role 2.

The "defibrillaDRONE" - when salvation comes from heaven

“There are works that reveal something admirable in the human being, in a context that seems inclined more to denigrate than to exalt humanity, there are not only people, but entire categories in front of which we remain amazed”: realize Icarus' dream in the hands of a "hospital worker" and he will make life rain from the sky through a defibrillator.

As part of the exercise Display Determination 2023 the SAPR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) team of UT Primo also had its baptism of fire which, in close collaboration with the BLSD instructor team, simulated the sending of an AED (Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator) to a patrol that , during an activity in the countryside, she found herself having to deal with a cardiac arrest.

The idea, born from the continuous and constant desire to increase the professional skills of the staff of military body, conveys an important message in a historical moment in which drones appear more and more often as offensive tools: their use is also useful in "bringing life".