Ceremony commemorating the 81st anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein

(To Greater Defense)

In the presence of the Undersecretary of State for Defense Senator Isabella Rauti, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Defense General Carmine Masiello and the civil authorities, the commemoration ceremony of the '81st anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein.

The Italian paratroopers, deployed to defend El Alamein, despite an extremely disadvantageous balance of forces, were able to resist the repeated enemy attacks with incredible determination and energy, repelling every attempt to break through and inflicting serious losses on the enemy to the point of forcing the English commands to suspend any further initiative on that front.

The commander of the "Folgore" Brigadier General Massimiliano Mongillo, during his speech, recalled how what has united, and will always unite, the Paratroopers of every era, is the sharing of all those values ​​such as honor, loyalty, esprit de corps , sacrifice, courage and profound love for freedom and for our beloved Italy.

During the ceremony, representatives of the departments of the "Ariete" brigade were deployed who fought alongside the departments of the thunderbolt, representatives of the Army special forces command, of the parachute carabinieri regiment Tuscania and of the 46th Pisa Air Brigade present with its War Flag.

As part of the events held on the sidelines of the celebrations of the 81st anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein, the traditional airdrop of the war flags of all the departments of the thunderbolt, of the parachute carabinieri Tuscania and the medal list of the AnPdI (National Association of Italian Parachutists).

The staff of the "Folgore" parachute brigade is constantly engaged, even with small groups or individual specialists, in almost all national and international operations where the Italian Armed Forces are employed, in operations at a national level, such as "Safe Roads", to compete to the safety of various sensitive areas of the country and in relief activities for the population affected by recent natural disasters.