November 9, 2023: the disruptive source "Gaia" talks about defense, institutions, economy and security...

(To Andrea Cucco)

After a decade in which no top politician ever agreed to be interviewed by Online Defense, we found the availability of a source disturbing (we'll call her "Gaia"). You will provide us with your opinion on topics (taboo) such as: defense, security, institutions, finance and democracy.

The answers he is anticipating could cause an earthquake in the decadent Italian leopard system.

Is a new Year Zero about to begin?

As faithful subjects of the Republic and of the civilized world we dream of, we will fight the danger that is looming on the horizon!

Because of disruptive statements it's about... and every Italian, hunched over but proud of 162 years of "national" tradition, must tenaciously oppose it. Daily basis.

Penalty? Chaos.

From November 9th!