8 August - Italian Labor Sacrifice Day in the World: "unacceptable that one can die in the workplace"


This year marks the 68th anniversary of the Marcinelle mining tragedy, in which they lost their lives on 8 August 1956 262 miners, of which 136 were Italian citizens.
For twenty-three years, i.e. starting from 2001, Italy has chosen precisely the date of 8 August to symbolically commemorate all the Italian workers who have disappeared in the exercise of their profession, on the occasion of the "Day of the Sacrifice of Italian Labor in the World".

"The memory of Marcinelle is so heartfelt and current because it represents the emblem of the social achievements of Italian workers" undersecretary Perego affirms “as well as those in Europe and around the world. The promotion of fair, protected and sustainable work must be today more than ever at the heart of our response to the serious economic and social consequences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Institutions, politics, the business world therefore have a duty to adopt all those measures to safeguard the health and safety of workers. It is unacceptable that one can die in the workplace”.

“On this day dedicated to those who sacrificed themselves at work, up to the extreme cost of living,” concludes Perego "I wish to express my closeness to all the families of the victims of Marcinelle, to the families of all the Italian victims who fell at work, to the loved ones of those who have honored Italy in the world with their commitment and sacrifice, and a heartfelt thanks to those who continue to do it every day".